Monday, March 15, 2010

Some good slutty boots

With all my talk about my sensuality and sexuality.. I must admit that I am a little hard on shoes.

It's no secret among the women in my family that my grandmother's the same way and she spends lots of money on shoe repair.
Oh we're graceful enough when we walk.. it must be our posture or something.  I don't know! But because of this, I can't buy cheap shoes.

I know a lady who wears a different pair of shoes every single day of the year. I asked her how she does it. "Well," she said discreetly.. "Pay Less and Sam Moon." Because she's petite and her feet are small, she can get away with cheap shoes!

I don't do flip flops, but I love me some high heeled sandals. They make my legs look more slender.. And the more straps the sexier. And I generally spend most of my wardrobe budget on sandals.

My mother and my grandmother.. can really work it in some high heels, too. And not surprisingly, my now 17 yr old daughter loved playing on real high heels when she was 7. She's not allowed to buy them yet, but I'm 100% sure she'll be a shoe whore like her grand and great grandmother.

As for me, I only need one pair of each of these.. Black pumps. Black tall boots. Black short boots. Brown tall boots. Brown short boots. Black or Brown Boondockers. The end.

But I've been thinking lately, that I need me some good slutty spicy thigh high boots. You know? Which means I'll have to case some expensive fashion house for a really nice pair so I don't look like a sl.. So they don't look cheap.

I know. I know.. Slutty is a state of mind.

I really like the boots pictured above, but I love these by Chanel:

Thigh High Chanel Boots

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MOMSWEB said...

Looove these...just need a smaller heel. I'm already 5'11

Single Mom Seeking said...

Indeed, I love my boots, too! But I walk to the train to work, so the big heels need to come down a bit...