Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2010

In 2010, everything works for me. Really well. I am better than fit, and more than divine. I look marvelous naked and not just in my mind. I dance & dine with ones who wait, but I'm keeping the light on for my soul mate.

In 2010 I am stronger, more stretched and centered! Inspired by Paula and Mary J and Iman.

I write, create, blog, develop and design. I do this for myself and for others!

In 2010, I'll be about the business of sharing and giving more than ever.

I will buy myself more fun and funky jewels and rings like the beautiful topaz my 16 year old gave me for Christmas. I love this ring! I'll share a photo soon.

In 2010, I'm like a chameleon, ever evolving and always fitting in perfectly. Doing only what and going only where there is authentic joy and compatibility happening.

In 2010, I am the unique reflection and celebration of the p
ast and the present so my daughter can see herself in a wonder filled future... waaay past 2012!

In 2010, I make it a point to be electric, stylish and playful.. Oh! And.. Sublime, and yes, sometimes, a little ridiculous!

And so it is.. a

Happy New Year!