Friday, January 22, 2010

Where in the world is Marcelle?

I used to work with Marcelle. I miss her. Marcelle loved dark chocolate. I don't. She doesn't like Aaron Neville. I do. I just checked my cell phone to see if I still have her number in it. It is. I haven't talked to her since April or May of last year. I called her with a legal contracts question. I was contemplating working as an contractor for a woman who created a line of organic personal lubricants. Marcelle doesn't call or email at all anymore. And I haven't called her. It's just so awkward initiating contact with friends who still have jobs. I know she's busier than ever. Mother. Wife. Mentor. With a intense travel schedule. And I'm sure her daughter is graduating from college in a year or so. I used to laugh out loud when she talked about the trepidations of her teen son.. and her hubby. I remember laughing at myself saying that, when my daughter goes away to college, "Ya'll will have to mop me up. I'm gonna be mush." I said that, assuming I'd still be employed there in 2012. I was wrong. Marcelle was/is a "more bang for the buck" kind of lady. When I was raising money for my daughter to take a class trip to DC, I tried having a jewelry sales fund raiser. Marcelle wrote a check for $150! So did a few others in the office. That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Not only the giving part, but the friendship part. For Christmas, Marcelle came back from NYC and gave me one of my most favorite Christmas gifts from a friend, ever! A NYC Central Park Starbucks coffee mug. See.. That's what people do who know something about you. They give you thoughtful gifts. I don't drink much coffee any more, but every time I use it for juice or tea, I think of Marcelle!

Bet she'd like to know that! Maybe I'll email her this weekend. Send her a link to this blog.