Friday, January 15, 2010

Today is a Miracle I didn't expect

I am a 10 year student of A Course in Miracles. I study The Course because it helped me quit denying the truth. It helps me to undo the negative.

Today I am renewing my conviction to undo the negative. It's not me but the "Miracle" that is doing the work for me. I am unlearning every negative thing that I've been taught, and that I've taught myself. I reflect on Heaven by allowing the Miracle to undo the negative. I sit quietly and I do nothing. I look and I wait and I do not judge any more. I won't work at it. I won't fight it. I won't try.


Single Mom Seeking said...

LOVE the new look, and the new name! I'm with you all the way: here's to undoing the negative... and creating the positive.

MOMSWEB said...

I'm doing some serious deprogramming myself!

Mom in Apt. 10b said...

I love ya'll! Thank you for being my teachers!