Monday, January 25, 2010

If you think he's sexy..

Recently, I was privy to a conversation between my 16 yr old and her best friend about a couple of boys they like. Mostly what I heard was, "He's sexy." "He's hot!"

Ok. But. I can't fathom how males whose frontal lobes aren't fully developed 'til age 25 can be hot & sexy? My daughter and her friend insist that hot & sexy just means .. gorgeous or extremely attractive. In a woman's mind, a hot and sexy guy is someone you would want to have sex with. So I asked them.. Are you guys having sex? Do you want to have sex? They both told me "No." I believe them.

I tried to convey to them that in my opinion, if you text a boy "I think you're sexy," He's liable to interpret that as.. "I think you are SEXUALLY attractive." Granted, attraction at that age, or any age for that matter, has everything to do with sex.. but they don't need to know that!

Besides that! My son (if I had one), would be taught to believe that any girl who sent him that message is a moron because she is unable to think of a better adjective for something she likes. So what does that say about my 10th grader? ..Guess I'm still in teaching mode.

As for you, dear readers.. I'd like to teach you how to make this Sexy Valentine Gift I invented.. loooong time ago! For adult guys.

"Dear (Your Guy),
You stand out in the heap!"

What is this?
  • It's a spice container w/transparent lid (Target)
  • Filled with Lemon Heads (All the other guys)
  • 1 Green M&M in the middle. (Your guy!)

Speaks volumes!

What is it about The Green Ones®?

Legend has it The Green Ones® are an aphrodisiac; rumors of their special powers have been circulating since the '70s. Read more...


MOMSWEB said...

LOL! I looooove this idea! Girl, thanks for sharing. This is too cute and I GOTTA use it.