Thursday, January 21, 2010

More than enough surprises for one day!

I spent a couple of hours at billiards and bowling with the cable guy a few nights ago. Learned some interesting things about him. I secretly wondered if the guy might have PTSD. Fatal shooting, Gulf war veteran sniper near miss and near death personal experiences. I should avoid him at all costs.

The Universe had a different plan.

With new carpet installation a few days later came the need to disconnect the tv and cable box, then the problem of no picture after countless attempts at rebooting and reconnecting. Wouldn't you know it? I call him instead of the cable company for technical support. What was I thinking?

Just as he was finishing up, my brothers make a surprise visit from Iowa and Florida. I only expected the one from Iowa. But when the one from Florida emerged from the car. Well.... After my initial shock and tearful greeting, I composed myself to introduce him or them to.. each other. Three very cool very handsome men standing in my drive way. What a day!

He leaves to go about his work day and my brothers and I hang out for a minute, before I decide to pick up my teen from school a little early. I haven't seen my brothers together in 5 years! It was a wonderful, touching gift to laugh and enjoy their company. Knowing they'd both be going their separate ways tomorrow, and it could be another 5 years before we meet up again. They're weird like that.

A few hours later, I discover two text messages on my cell phone....

From the cable guy.

[First Message]
"It was nice to see u smile like that, when u were surprised by your brothers. So that must mean u dont see them as much as u should. Shame on u all."

[Next Message]
... "And your eyes are truly beautiful."

Wow. That was very endearing, to say the least.

Now.. How quickly can I forget about my brothers' surprise visit after these surprise messages?