Friday, January 22, 2010

One Place. Mini Destinations.

Imagine a place that's just for you. A place where you can refresh your soul, recharge your body, rejuvenate yourself. Imagine stepping into serenity, surrounded by natural hues and soothing aromas. Imagine that this special place is nearby and readily available.

Imagine your living room, dining room, kitchen and patio. Each bedroom, and each bath and even the closets are a mini destination location.

Right now, I'm thankful I'm a renter! Otherwise I'd probably be foreclosed on.

I love where I live! I love that it's a small luxury community is a cozy nook and cranny somewhere near the Dallas North Tollway, but happily off the beaten path. It's urban and mature and ain't cheap! I'd be hard pressed to downgrade, upgrade or leave. At least not before 2012 when my daughter goes off to college.

Because this is the year for greater success for me personally and financially, I have decided that I will transform this one apartment into a sanctuary of Mini Destinations! That means, integrating elements of places I've been and long to return to, and places I've yet to explore... Wall to wall, door to door.

I've been browsing around online for some ideas.
As I look for things that I really like and choose to use to create the mini destinations for each room, I will post any lovely finds and the merchants of designs.. right here where you can find them, too.

For starters..

Mediterranean Style Living Room:
I'd love to escape to a living room with impressions of the Mediterranean .. Dark lush textured rugs, huge wall art and tons of throw pillows and curtains that drag the floor. I'm almost there..

French Bistro Style Dining Room:
I just love Bistro tables! They're modest and promote intimacy. And guests are
not all confined to one big table! That's my desire for my kitchen and dining room. Two to three 2-seater tables for dining & tapas & wine tastings & private conversations...

Caribbean Garden Patio:
I plan to create a Tropical oasis of posh greenery and zen pebble-scapes with chimes and fountains to mask the barking dogs and highway noise that can be heard from my patio.. On one side will be my relaxing garden, and al fresco dining on the other! Plus lots of pretty night lights for late night visitors.. This escape? Right outside my kitchen, of course!

Moroccan Style Bedroom:
And alls I want in my bedroom is a romantic Moroccan inspired bed, exactly like this.

So I'd better get up from here and get on it!