Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Admit - I've Always Wanted To Do The Mary Kay Pink Car Diva Dance!

I've dropped in and out 3 times in the past 16 years. Never able to really re-connect until a month ago when I wanted to buy a red lipstick. Mary Kay has the best lipstick on the planet. I Googled "Mary Kay Sales Director" in my zip code, and met my new best friend. Her pink Cadillac has a bad ass analog clock, too!

Yep. I'm hooked again on the idea of being a pink car driver! Forsaking ALL other ventures I've embarked upon.. except my writing and mosaics projects! No. She didn't recruit me.. I recruited her. She's a kindred spirit and I'd be remiss if I let her get away!

What I love about Mary Kay besides the lipstick, eye makeup remover, mascara, and skin care... ?
... Mary Kay teaches women to be women in pursuit. To be women of expression, connection, enterprise, adventure and to aspire to have lives that they can live outside of mommy & wife mode - if they choose!

I choose! I choose!

The money ain't bad, either. Well. That depends on who you ask.

Am I nuts to feel like I can have a lucrative business as a Mary Kay consultant? Years ago when my daughter was a new born and again when she was a toddler, I worked it very hard, and.. managed to earn only bill money. I'd like to think I'm smarter now. But really I am not. Thus my pink Cadillac driving kindred spirit teacher/mentor/friend... Who will surely be honest with me about the possibilities.. and realities.

I spent part of this weekend on a mini retreat with her and 6 other fabulously beautiful women in the business. She and one other are pink car drivers.. And the other 4 were there to rejuvenate and share on how they are getting their mojo into gear for this new year!

I'm not judging anyone but, they all reminded me how hard I once worked at it and dropped out with nothing to show but my understanding of the Mary Kay way. Sharing my thoughts and feelings and listening to theirs only really begs these two questions.. Are their issues a sign of these economic times, or what? And what makes me think my new experiences will be different or better?

Giving it a year and finding that IT just ain't happening for me would be a waste of a year.. that I don't have to waste. That's why I'm giving it -from the git go, to convince me that I can have what I want from this!

And at this point, I just haven't made up my mind about whether I'll go at this full steam ahead, or slowly but surely. I'm not in the mood to waste any time or money so before I make any plans, I need to make up my mind.

And now I wonder what this conversation I'm having with myself really means..

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MOMSWEB said...

"And now I wonder what this conversation I'm having with myself really means.."

You are pouring courage into's call IN Courage (smile).