Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The worst thing about being single..

This is serious, to me. Here I am a grown woman and this has made me cry. I needed help with something and nobody I asked would help me. When I realized no one was willing to help, I felt stupid and inadequate for not having a man.

Here's the problem:
A presumptuous, egocentric, ex high school classmate, who found me on Fb and thinks he is more important than he really is, won't stop calling me! At the very least I've expressed that I am not interested in being friends with him. I don't initiate contact with him nor do I respond.
Never the less he calls 2-6 times a month.

In addition to being pissed off at him for waking me up out of my much needed Thera-Flu induced nap, I'm about ready to declare him a stalker! I know that's overkill but that's how I'm beginning to feel!

A few months ago I had lunch with a high school friend that knew him well. I told her how he's been hard to get rid of. She told me this: They dated briefly back in h.s. and when she told him she only wanted to be friends, he pounded on the table and told her.."I don't need no mother f******g friends!" We both agreed, then and now.. he's a scary dude.

My solution:
He'll probably stop calling if he thinks I have a man. So I asked one of my brothers to call and tell him to stop calling me. After I busted his chops for laughing, he said he'd make the call but he didn't know when. "I know you're at work right now, but why not tonight? If your wife needed you to make this call for her, you would. Why not do it for me?" I didn't get anywhere with that.

On the phone with a close friend an hour later, I asked her to ask her husband to make the call. She hemmed and hawed and then said.."I'll ask him, but I know he'll say "No."" I was stunned. I'd be ok with my husband making the call for my friend.

What's going on here? Is it me? Or is it them? Am I asking too much? Or am I making too much of this situation?

I felt sad mad enough to cry after answering this question: "Who can I ask to do this for me -who won't ridicule me?

There I was.. All alone with the answer. No one.

To a degree I'm worried about my personal safety. In that I am not sure what he's capable of. He can't seem to take no for an answer. He thinks if he persists I'll change my mind. He creeps me out. Bottom line. So I agreed in prayer that God is my protector. My next thought was.. plenty of praying faithful people have unwanted encounters with creeps!

Prayerfully.. I just hit send on this email via facebook:

"I appreciate that you are interested in how I'm doing or if I need anything. BUT I REALLY WANT YOU TO STOP CONTACTING ME. Please do not call me. Please do not leave me any voice messages. Please do not text message me. Please do not visit me. Please do not write me any letters or send me cards or gifts, etc. Please do not email me or contact me on facebook or any other method."

So.. If he doesn't abide, I will contact the police.

But I still wish I had a man to take care of this for me.

And just in case there's a nice guy out there who would call this dude on my behalf.. here's his number: two one four-eight zero nine-two three, two three. Just say, "Please stop calling Jackie."
Thank you!


MOMSWEB said...

It's not that people don't care, they just don't understand the magnitude of your situation and the fact you are sinerely serious. I've been there and had to call police and even THEY didn't understand.

The Mom in Apt 10b... said...

Here's the response I got this morning from this dude via Fb:

"Jackie please it's not that serious. I would never send you a gift,I would never write you a letter and I would never visit you, and I would never stoop too your level, but if you need money for and inspection sticker or money too help you buy gifts, are you get toss out of your apartment call me. and Thank you. K.C.J."

IF THIS DOESN'T SPEAK VOLUMES ABOUT HIS CHARACTER.. NOTHING DOES. I still might report him just for sending this response. Creepy, huh?