Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Size Matters

My daughter attends a school where the mascot is a stallion. We recently had the discussion as to what makes a stallion - a stallion. It was an intelligent discussion, with giggles, however. Some of her school mates don't understand why the statue on their lawn is missing a thing or two.. "It ain't a stallion if it ain't got 'those,'" they say.. I love horses and being under the weather these past few days, I've watched a couple of movies about horses.. Deliver Us From Eva.. you know at the end of that movie Ray buys Eva a stallion.. cause she loves horses.. and I watched Seabiscuit, again. I guess Seabiscuit wasn't a stallion, but .. Hey!.. he thought he was! Compared to other horses, stallions have so much more testosterone to thank for their prowess and personality! All this talk and thoughts about the grandeur of the stallion brings me back to scale and reminds me to lighten up a little bit. Stop making such a big deal out of little things. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, a stallion isn't the most vast of creations, but.. does size matter?

Well... Think about it. There's Texas. There's the attitude and arrogance of guys like Rick Perry and George Dubbaya. There's the Grand Canyon. The Atlantic Ocean.. The Cosmos. The Cosmos? Now that! Really puts things into perspective when it comes to size! Have you seen this picture of the Hubble Deep Field? "One peek into a small part of the sky... The Hubble telescope has provided mankind's deepest, most detailed visible view of the universe." It looks like a spatter of jewels in black plasma doesn't it? I should print that photo and put it in my wallet.

When I read about unhappy marriages, why men and women don't/can't relate and connect and find love when they want to.. When my mother engages me in superfluous debate about God, Jesus and the bible.. or even when I watch TVOne and KERA and the History Channel during Black History Month and take a step back in time.. and get all ticked off! --I decide to think about the fact that the universe is 156 billion light years across.. And if you turned on a flashlight and followed its beam for one billion years you'd still have 155 billion more years to go. - Then those things little things I've read, or heard, or observed or argued about don't seem so grand after all.

Maybe this only fascinates me.. and helps me forget what there is to argue or disagree about. Size does matter, if you think about it.