Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interracial Love

We all know it is the content of a man's character that speaks the most about who he is.. not the color of his skin. Right? Well.. Many people do have preferences that outrank character..

I'm personally one who is open to loving a man of any race, but I do prefer Black men. As a Black woman, in my mind,
historically and spiritually, the Black man truly reigns. For better or worst, Black men have a definite sex appeal. It's not about the brother's johnson, it's about his Soul's Code. And I believe there are some things only a Black woman can teach and provide for a Black man.. who wants it. But if he doesn't want it.. Too bad, too sad.. His loss! A good man is a good man no matter his race!

First, I'll tell you the race of men I've dated Brits (anglo), Spaniards, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, average American White Boys (from Wisconsin to Texas to Kentucky), Africans, and African Americans. In my wildest fantasy.. the man of my wildest dreams is Latino. Cuban, to be exact. Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies!

But what's the deal with any woman desiring a man of another race? I would say that a thoughtful spiritual woman will tell you something like this...

  1. He's a teacher. Ultimately, he is a self-study program. He will teach you various aspects of yourself you didn't even know existed. How you perceive and behave toward men - changes after you've been in an interracial relationship. And it's in your own head that you haven't. Everyone else will notice.

  2. He puts you on a spiritual path. In Black and White terms.. your relationship will stress application rather than theory, and experience rather than theology. All you have to do is follow his lead and you can obtain the goal of peace and harmony ad infinitum. In the end, it'll either last or it won't. Basically, what I'm saying is.. at first there will be this subtle struggle because of race/culture differences. Face it. Don't deny it! You can pretend you don't notice them, others will teach you it's true. Then.. you decide to handle things, ignore differences.. and integrate him into you. Becoming one with him will make you more like him.

  3. He dictates rules of behavior. I've observed that it's usually the woman that can't keep doing whatever she's been doing once she gets with a man of another race. The man does not change his behavior because he's with you, but his meaning changes because he's with you. He becomes the WHY.. you've changed what you're doing. He's worth it to you. Along with your new perspective, it's not unusual that your ways and even your external circumstances change.

  4. He's a beautiful communion of universal erotic themes. And more than that, he is a fusion of sexuality and spirituality. Sexuality and spirituality have often been at cross-purpose-- each terrified of the other. An interracial relationship, however, breathes new life into the finest ideas of sacred eroticism.. delivering its own message. Just look at the babies of an interracial union.

  5. He gives you immediate results. One interracial relationship (not sexual encounter -but a pure relationship) will change you. Your day, your feelings, your life, your experiences. Who doesn't want to change like that? It's fun to explore the stereotypes and unknowns. Right away you get more out of it than you ever imagined!