Thursday, February 18, 2010

The problem with Tiger Woods

... is that he's remained silent while others have been speaking.

Tiger Woods hasn't tried to interrupt. He's let everybody talk as long as they want to. The more willing he seems to let the media (and others) express themselves about him and his personal situation, the more completely he seems to be misunderstood. I think his silence has bought him time to be honest and open, but he should stick to doing whatever he's going to do about his private little mess.. in his own time, in his own way.

Our parents tried to teach us.. sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt us? It seems to me that the media is determined to beat the shit out of him and his recovery -from whatever it is that he's recovering from.

I just heard on CNN that Tiger is orchestrating a press conference or public statement tomorrow morning... "Just in time for the Masters." The reporter spoke in an undertone and with much innuendo about the logistics and his timing. What better time?!! The man's THE preeminent golfer of our time! What is he supposed to do? Disappear and NOT play any more golf!? If I'm not mistaken, 4,690 people to date, have fought and died in Operation Iraqi Freedom -alone! For EVERYBODY's freedom! -- Even the freedom to make mistakes and recover from them with a little bit of dignity and with even less condemnation. Especially here in this country!! Ooops! I forget. This IS the U.S.A. We have every right to declare a moral stand against this man and anyone else who falls short! He's never asked for anything from anyone.. except for some privacy. This whole thing of ridiculing Tiger Woods is ridiculous!

I heard nobody complaining about his game or behavior on the golf course before his infidelities were exposed. What is this reeeally about? I think we all know.

I don't care how many people claim they'll boycott sponsors.. The game of golf needs Tiger Woods a lot more than he needs it! And that's the truth!

We all make mistakes. You without sin cast the first stone. And please let us know if you break anything so we can forgive YOU, too!

P.S. I am not a Tiger Woods or a golf fan. Just a fan of the pursuit of personal happiness and simple acts of kindness and forgiveness.